This is a great talent, not just to live every day, but to live it with meaning. In some parts this is the benefit of surfing it’s good not only for the body, but forthe soul. During the first lessons it is hard enough to feel, since the whole concentration is more on the technique of skiing, but with each subsequent time some movements become familiar, you stop thinking frantically what you need to do now and begin to contemplate, feel and feel. What is the philosophy of the ocean?

The ability to wait for the dawn at dawn 
Surfers spend a lot of time in anticipation of the wave, sometimes it seems like it takes forever and even can start bothering, sometimes the thoughts “Can turn back?”, Despite all the efforts spent to get to the line-up. A real surfer knows what patience is. In life, everything is the same: we all have a goal, sometimes when the conceived is not carried out as soon as we planned, we begin to get distracted and think about the fact that efforts were wasted and it’s probably time to turn out of the way. No. Lesson 1: the winner is the one who can wait!

FAITH IN ITS ABILITY, the reason for surfing 
Probably almost all who have tried surfing, there was a stupor and fear of the wave, doubts about their skills and strengths. Some because of this, unfortunately, return to shore with zero result. In life, everything is the same: we doubt whether we will “pull” to implement our plan or dream, whether it be passing the exam, passing an interview or just talking to someone who likes you. Fear and doubt are the two main obstacles that prevent success. The benefit of surfing is lesson 2: if you believe in yourself, then the impossible does not exist.

In any case, on the way to success, you will encounter obstacles, because what is given is easy, in reality, nothing stands. In surfing, for example, if you really want to “pump out” your skills, you have to get up before dawn, row to the line-up, enjoying not the warmest air and water, experiencing small defeats, returning home with zero waves caught in your pocket and so Further. Everything is like in life, from school and university: early ascents and not always excellent results. And that’s the whole point throughout life we ​​learn, in spite of everything “not” and “but”, because we know why we do it. Lesson number 3. Always remember: your goal is behind all obstacles.

In this, the benefit of surfing is simply limitless! Surfers are not afraid to ride where you can find sharks, moreover, some even continue to ride after meeting with this not-so-harmless animal. We can go to surf-trip and live in a tent on a semi-inhabited island, curiosity in the Antarctic or Alaska, we are not afraid of thunder or lightning. And all because we are in search of a wave that will become a legend for us, and maybe for the whole world of surfing. Lesson 4: what you aspire to, sometimes lies Beyond your comfort zone.

CLOSER TO NATURESerfing with whales 
Beginning at a small age, we know that such a time and everything is tied to it. Our whole life is tied to hours and minutes. Think about how often you think about time and look at the clock? In a megalopolis, time is really “worth its weight in gold.” Surfers in this respect live in accordance with nature: the behavior of the ocean and the influence of the moon on terrestrial processes. And only then, after calculating the very hour, waiting for him, we begin to look at the clock. This is the benefit of surfing and lesson 5: learn to listen to nature and your own biological rhythms.

Valuing the Moments of Surfing 
One caught wave is worth a lot of effort, as we already wrote above. We know how to sit for 5, 10, 20 minutes in anticipation of pleasure, which is often calculated in seconds, but these moments are worth it and sometimes remain in your memory for many years. After two hours of surfing, the duration of the run-in waves can sometimes be less than 10 minutes, but you will see a happy face and hear a bunch of stories, as it was. Lesson number 6 remember the past, take care of the future, but live in the moment and at this moment.

As they say, better a bad day of surfing than good in the office. And many people who are fortunate enough to experience these sensations of soaring on the wave will agree with this. Waiting for the wave, we still have these wonderful moments to think about something of our own or talk to neighbors on line-up, enjoying the view of the boundless ocean. This, of course, not to mention when your surf session ended with a good result. Surfers really love and literally live surfing. Lesson number 7: do your favorite thing, and then you will be happy every day.

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