Surfing, where to start?

Surfing, where to start?

Today I wanted to share my advice with those who only think about what to start surfing. Although of course the topic is not new and I have no illusions about the fact that they will listen to me, those who read it. Nevertheless…

If you decide that the next vacation you will spend on the ocean, then I advise you to consider the following.

Firstly, surfing, this is a very physically expensive sport, and therefore, at the stage of progress of beginners, the question of the person’s readiness and his physical form first of all arises.When I first went to ride, I literally did not quit smoking long before, and lay in a hospital with a broken arm for about two weeks. My form was not very good and the progress in skating was correspondingly too. My first instructor Mike told me then that you need to have a strong body for surfing, the hint was clear.

Therefore, if you want to be ready, then you need to take care of yourself beforehand. I thought for example that my periodic snowboarding is sufficient preparation. In fact, this is not the case at all. It is necessary to start going to the pool to swim, and not just swim, but train. More general physical exercises – running, pulling up, push-ups, squats, press, etc. You do not need to go to the rocking chair, it is advisable to limit yourself to exercises with your own body weight.

In addition to physical strength, you will need stretching, so that there is a sense in gymnastics, pilates or yoga.

A very popular thing – the balance board, is also useful, but you should not rely only on it. Balance is a very necessary thing. By the way, the Australians conducted tests for balance among different groups of surfers, it is interesting that the level of surfing corresponds to the level of balance of the tested.

I have already talked a lot about the benefits of freediving in their social networks. Especially for surfers. It is important to understand that there is no surfing without wypouts. So in any way we have to be not only over the water, but also under. This condition should be comfortable. It can be frightening to experience kneading in a wave. After all, it can strike against a reef for example. Such fear usually disappears after several falls, if nothing has happened in them. And it will not go away if the very state of being under water causes stress. Everything stretches in a single chain. If you strain, resist, you actively want to surface, then oxygen is consumed very actively. But it is the brain, when experiencing fear takes away most. If a person catches a panic, the forces in the muscles and oxygen in the body end immediately. This is dangerous and reducing the time spent under water and the ability to scrape back to linap. Swimmers are well advancing in surfing not only because of their paddling skills, but also because being under water for them is a normal condition. So there is no fear and it means progress is easier. All surfers and those who are just about to start, I strongly advise to pass the basic freediving course.

Misconception about snowboarding:

Many people think that snowboarding will help them in surfing. This is of course slightly related, but in general, do not rely on it very much. Most people tend to overestimate their steepness of snowboarding. This is probably the most frequent thing that I hear from students or those who plan to become them. If you want a snowboard to really help surfing, then you need to learn snowboard from certified instructors who will teach you the real technique of skiing. Almost all self-taught (I, by the way, too, at the time) do not skate properly and this will not help them in the surf. For example – the error of all errors, keep the weight on the back foot during skiing.

I know a few examples of people who are really very cool on snowboarding and having tried surfing they quickly made progress. And the level of the skating itself is important, and not jumping from the springboards for example.

Misconception about the high cost of surfing:

For me to learn that there is surfing in Europe, has become a great discovery. The availability of budget airlines is another. It turned out that in order to become a surfer and learn to ride on the board, you do not need to save half the life. I do not want to say that it does not cost anything, but almost every working person can afford it. Of course you can save a lot on the Dominican Republic or Bali, but you can and do less.

First, you can try to surf almost everywhere where there is water. This is actively proved by the guys from St. Petersburg, Kaliningrad, the Black Sea and the Far East. I’ve already skated several times in Russia, even in St. Petersburg.

Of course, many do not call it skating either, but on the bezry … you know. If I only knew that I can ride almost near the house, I would definitely be. And I advise everyone.

The second most expensive option is to go to Europe or Morocco. For example, I will quote the prices of camps, tickets and visas.

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