Despite the fact that surfing originated in the Pacific region, surfing in Europe is no less popular among wave lovers. The most popular countries where you can meet both beginners and athletes are Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Greece and the United Kingdom.

Portugal is rightly considered the favorite place for all surfers it is washed by the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, whose waves sometimes reach ten metershigh. There are several regions to which you should pay attention to surfers: peninsula Peniche and Baleal and southern Portugal the Algarve.

The peninsula Peniche and Baleal due to its favorable location are open to winds of different directions. Peniche is an ideal place for beginners who wantto try their hand. There is also a legend spot Supertubos, who annually takes professional surfers. Fifteen kilometers of the beach has only one drawback the maximum temperature even in the warmest period 20 degrees.

The main spot is the Algarve Sagrošu. Although the entire coast of the region is simply strewn with surf spots. Spring and autumn are the ideal time for waves, as well as low prices and a lack of tourists.

Another place where surfing is practiced in Europe is Spain, namely Galicia and Lanzarote. Galicia is located on the north-western part. Line up is notloaded absolutely, so nobody will interfere with beginners and practicing surfers. The most famous spots are Pantin and Patos.

One of the Canary Islands Lanzarote, often called Hawaii, is so ideal there for surfing. Beginners should go there in the summer. Popular spots are El Riscoud, Playa Famara.

The Biarritz resort in France was popular in the 50’s. The period of time when the line-up is free is September-November. La Grande Plage, Plage de Marbella, La Côtes des Basques the best beaches of French Biarritz.

Italy does not go to the ocean, but its beaches are strewn with surf spots. There are constantly held competitions and surf festivals. You can catch goodwaves on the island of Sardinia. A feature of Italy in this regard is the possibility of combining surfing and sightseeing program. On the island there aremany surf schools, which makes Sardinia attractive for beginners.
But let the lack of access to the ocean does not frighten anyone the Italians adapted to catch waves even on Lake Garda.

Greece is far from the Atlantic, but surf lovers come there all year round. So, where to catch the waves in Greece?
The Aegean Sea is from May to September.

The Ionian Sea (the island of Lefkada) in the summer.
Paros, Mykonos, Naxos, Kos, Karpathos and Rhodes in spring and in the autumn.

Beginners should take a closer look at the island of Karpathos experienced instructors and small waves will help to get on the board. Experienced surferswill like Rhodes, where the wind reaches seven knots.

The British surf spot is Newki a town on the Atlantic coast. The ideal time is later summer early autumn. The newcomers are busy with the beach Tovan, and the professionals justified the beach Fistral. Newki, like Italy, except for surfing can offer excellent entertainment and sightseeing programs in the town you will not get bored.

European surfing is no worse than Bali or Australia. Prices lower, fly less, and conditions similar. Perhaps, these are the main reasons why surfing in European countries is so popular.

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