13 questions of the beginner about surfing

13 questions of the beginner about surfing

Makeworldsafer talked about surfing with Nikita Zamehovsky-Megalocardi, one of the most famous Russian surfers. We asked him questions that would be of interest to anyone who wants to conquer the wave.

Lifkhaker talked about surfing with Nikita Zamehovsky-Megalocardi, one of the most famous Russian surfers. Nikita teaches in Bali, wins major surfing competitions and knows everything about him. We asked him questions that would be of interest to anyone who wants to conquer the wave.

Nikita Zamehovsky-Megalocardi
A poet, surfer, theorist and historian of classic surfing. Co-author of the book “Poems from nature” and the author of the book “Surf-Tales.” He writes in Russian and Ukrainian. Having traveled half the world – Indonesia, Vietnam, the Dominican Republic, Mauritius, Peru, Sri Lanka, the Maldives – settled in Bali, where since 2008 he has been teaching at the Russian Surf Discovery surfing school. His technique is different philosophical base and psychological adjustment.

  • What are the natural / weather conditions for successful surfing?
  • Unequivocally there should be waves. The water temperature is not important. The state of the atmosphere is not important. Rain, snow – it does not matter. It is desirable that there was no wind. But first of all there must be constant, not storm, but post-storm waves, which are called swell, or swell. Such sometimes happen on the Black Sea, sometimes they are in the Baltic, sometimes on the Sea of ​​Azov. These are all the time in Kamchatka, often in the Sea of ​​Japan. In Bali and Sri Lanka. It is mostly comfortable to start your surfing in the tropics.
  • How to choose the right board, what to look for? Do you need “magic” ornaments on the board?
  • Before you start choosing a board, first learn how to ride a reliable student board at school. And when you learn to ride, the question disappears by itself. Because the board is chosen depending on the level. Therefore, to start choosing a board, you need to know your level of riding. Tell me what your level of riding is, and I’ll tell you what to look for.

Do you need magical crocodiles? You do not ride the ornament and not the crocodile, but on the wave. Therefore, the ornament is the last thing that should be paid attention to.

  • Ride better one or the company (similar to diving, where they sink only in pairs)?
  • I prefer to ride alone. But if we are talking about big waves and very harsh conditions, or about a place you do not know and where you ride for the first time, then, of course, it is better to ride with your friends. With people you can rely on.
  • Do the beginner surfer need special sports training?
  • It should not be special. Should be ordinary. What does it mean? This means that you need to be only in normal physical form. Not started up to the state of hypodynamia, but cheerful, cheerful and playful, like a sea cat. No other preparation will help. In addition to surfing, surfing usually does not help. Ability to stay on the water is a priori, a matter of course
  • How many years can you start surfing? And is there an age when it’s time to finish?

“Begin with four or five years.”

Paul Bragg died on the surfboard at 86 years old. There are no restrictions.

  • Where in the world are the most interesting places for surf?
  • Where there are waves. There the most interesting places for surf.

13 questions of a beginner about surfing

  • Do different places differ in complexity?
  • Of course. In brochures and on websites describing different spots around the world, there are always the appropriate notations, where it is written: allersfes, expirandersfes, proserfes and kamikazes.
  • Do ocean dwellers, for example sharks, represent a danger to the surf?

“Of course, ocean inhabitants are a certain danger to the surfer. Sharks are an aggressive part of these inhabitants, they can attack the surfer, because the surfer, lying and rowing on the board, resembles a shark quite normal and habitual for it prey – fur seal or turtle. But still the surfer is not so, and therefore the shark will hunt the surfer at the last. Shark people do not eat.

13 questions of a beginner about surfing

As for other marine creatures, it should definitely be remembered that the reef over which the advanced surfer rolls is alive. Therefore, in no case should you not step on the bottom.

  • What are the immutable rules of safety (never, under no circumstances …)
  • Never, under any circumstances, you can not forget your head on the shore.
  • Do not hold the board between the wave and yourself.

Do not start without looking around.

  • And what are the rules, but the recommendations of experienced surfers to beginners?
  • Before you get into serious conditions, learn to work with conditions of medium complexity.
  • How long does it take to prepare before you can catch your first wave?
  • A difficult question, because there are no middle people. The average value in this case can not be called. Everything depends on the person, his motor skills and his physical data.

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